Our Mission and our Values

We engineer cool stuff for Windsurfing & similar Water sports.
And we do it in a sustainable, respectful and responsible way towards peoples, nature and our environment.


Responsible business starts early in the engineering phase.


We consider early how a part can be produced in a sustainable and environment friendly way.


This includes design, materials and sourcing.


We make parts that last and wont need replacement for a very very long time. 

We are not part of the throw away and replace society.


We do not trade nature with profit.

All plastics we use are biodegradable.


All our suppliers are checked and we discuss with them their supply chain. 

We ask for raw materials sourced locally or as local it can be.

We want to reduce transportation as much as we can.


Manufacturing is done locally.

We do not choose our suppliers by the cheapest bidder system.

We choose our partners nearby and who have similar values as ours.