This Helper Buoy mounts right on the top of your sail. It sildes over the sailtop same as the Action Cam Mount. Its fixted by friction and can not fall off with most sails.


Its a good help for the beginner Waterstarter. It keeps the top of the sail out of the water and goes well with the Clew Buoy.


For more exprienced Sufers, the Buoy doubles as Action Cam Mount. 


From my personal experience, I surf since bout 20 years, I really like having the Buoy giving me a little help getting the sail off the water. .... and I have my cam mounted on it ... perfect combination.


It fits both RDM and SMD Masts. However, the Mast tops RDM and SDM have different diameters - but the influence of the sailcloth will make sure it stays on.


How to mount:  Slide it over the sailmast pocket and push the mast through holding the mount in place. The mount fixes itself by friction and pressure. 


Made in the US - (patent pending 63/021548).

Waterstart Helper Buoy with Action Cam Mount