This is the Burtle LT.

It is mounted anywhere on and Windsurfing boom and can be used elsewhere as well with the very versatile Bungee Style Fix.


What is sooo special whit this mount? Its the special Bungee Routing that gives you an incredibly secure mount on the Boom. The Bungee Rope is double crossed and slid through an slot at the end of the mount - this makes it impossible to loosen up during action.


NOTE: These mounts are incredibly expensive to make and are badly overengineered. Therefore I have lower the price and will sell out the stock and not make more of them. Get yours while it lasts. Its a great solution and will last you a livetime.



Comes with the same Green Flat-/ Round Adapter as shown on the BoomiX.


  • Its super secure on the boom.
  • Includes a safety-leash for your camera ... better safe than sorry :-)
  • Engineered and made in Minneapolis, USA.
  • CNC'ed out of 6061 High Grade Aluminum.
  • CNC'ed out of ONE piece of Aluminum. There are no moving parts.
  • Locally sourced materials and partners.
  • Sustainable: It though built and will last Generations.
  • Fits Booms with dia. between 25mm and 36mm.
  • Guarantee: Lifetime guarantee on the Aluminum mount. If it breaks in "normal" use, we replace it.


The Sliver & the Burtle LT and are both made in a sustainable and respectful way to reduce the impact on our earth. 


For the legally obsessed:

Made in US.

Price only for the mount with safety leash and Flat-/ Round Adapter.

Burtle LT - Windsurfers Boom Mount

  • 10 Day Return.