This is the BoomiX

It can be mounted on many places. You imagination is the limt.


Mount it anywhere on your Windsurfing boom, or on your bike, or on your paddle, or use it as a stand, or .....




  • BoomiX.
  • Flat- Round Adapter - to be used in places with flat surface or in case the arc dosent fit or if its a slipery round surface.
  • M5 stainless steel screw - Hex Head.
  • Bungee cord (white with blue dots) - UV and Saltwater resistant.


The special design with a bungee-rope allows to tighten it down strong without a separate system.


  • Its super secure on the boom or anywhere else.
  • Engineered and made in Minneapolis, USA.
  • CNC'ed out of 6061 High Grade Aluminum.
  • ONE piece of Aluminum. There are no moving parts.
  • Locally sourced materials and partners.
  • Sustainable: It though built and will last Generations.
  • Guarantee: Lifetime guarantee on the Aluminum mount. If it breaks in "normal" use, we replace it.


For the legally obsessed:

Price is without the camera.

BoomiX Basic

  • 10 Day Return.