After successful testing the setup - I am happy to offer this as a set. 


Plug and play ;-)


Safety Leash: Please choose the Mast you use. If yours is not in there, let me know the dimensions with the order and I ensure the leash will be large enough.



  • BoomiX with stainless steel bolt.
  • BoomiX adapter for Slingshot Foiling Mast.
  • Though Bungee Rope / UV and Saltwater Resistant (Red Rope been replaced with Bungee which is less prone to snapping and as though).
  • Stainless steel safety leash.
  • Though Rubber Mat to protect from the sharp foil edge (see pic with black Rubber Strip)


For the legally obsessed: The camera is not included.

BoomiX Foil

  • 10 Day Return.