The Last Action Cam Mount you ever need -:)  Heavy Duty but light weight.

For SDM and RDM Masts.


  • Engineered and made in Minneapolis, USA.
  • CNC'ed out of 6061 High Grade Aluminum.
  • Integrated Downhaul Tool / Cleat.
  • Lokally manufactured with local partners.
  • Locally sourced materials and partners (where possible).
  • Sustainable: It though built and will last Generations.
  • 0.328lbs / 149gr. / 5.25 oz.
  • Fits SDM & RDM Masts.
  • Action Cam Safety Leash - is actually only used to adjust the distance to the mast - its not required to secure the Cam. However, its good practice to fix the leash around the Cam neck to avoid the leash getting into the movie.
  • 2x High Grade Stainless Steel Bolts.
  • Guarantee: Lifetime guarantee on the SleeX. If something breaks during Windsurfing action, we replace it.


The SleeX LT is made for Professionals surfing storms or those who want sustainable product that is going to last and reduce the impact on our earth the little as possible ... this is definately not a "cheap plastic throw away" item!


For the legally obsessed:

Made in US, patent pending 63/011150.

Price only for the mount with safety leash.

SleeX - The Mast Mount for Windsurfers

  • 10 Day Return.