The Last Action Cam Mount you ever need -:)  Heavy Duty but light weight.

For SDM and RDM Masts.


  • Engineered and made in Minneapolis, USA.
  • CNC'ed out of 6061 High Grade Aluminum.
  • Integrated Downhaul Tool / Cleat.
  • Lokally manufactured with local partners.
  • Locally sourced materials and partners (where possible).
  • Sustainable: It though built and will last Generations.
  • 0.328lbs / 149gr. / 5.25 oz.
  • Fits SDM & RDM Masts.
  • Action Cam Safety Leash - is actually only used to adjust the distance to the mast - its not required to secure the Cam. However, its good practice to fix the leash around the Cam neck to avoid the leash getting into the movie.
  • 2x High Grade Stainless Steel Bolts.
  • Guarantee: Lifetime guarantee on