Windsurfing Mast Comparison for the Action Cam Mount.

This blog will give you the ability to assume how the Carvstar Sliver Cam Mount will fit to your mast/s.

Check the diameters in this article and see at what height the Sliver will rest. Then compare to the diameter of your mast and you will know what about to expect.

Above picture shows:

Left PowerEx 400 RDM Mast / 75% Carbon / approx. 2016.

Center PowerEx 430 SDM Mast / 75% Carbon / approx. 2013.

Right PowerEx 430 SDM Mast / 0 - 25% (couldn't identify anymore) / approx. 2008.

Not shown is the Viper 430 SDM Mast / 75% Carbon / approx. 2011.

This article is not an unbiased view of the mount as I am the engineer and maker of it :-) But I will give you relevant data on what to expect mounting the Cam Mount - ... especially at what height it will rest or stick.

Just go through the pics and don't forget, the mount will rest slightly higher as the sailcloth will add to it.

The Carvstar Cam Mount has been engineered and is precision manufactured CNC machines, mounted and fine-tuned by Hand in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

You’ll be surprised that both SDM mast, even being from the same manufacturer are not the same diameter.

ALL the below tests have been measured on masts without the Sail rigged. The sail will add some thickness and friction.

You can expect the mount to rest approx. 10-30 cm or 3-10 inches above the level shown in the pictures below.

--> Be aware, every Sail producer uses similar but still different sail cloths, different reinforcements, etc... so the position of the mount will be different from sail to sail!

TOP of the MASTs diameters:

2016 RDM:

2013 SDM:

2008 SDM:


Funny thing, the RDM and the old 2008 SDM Mast Top have a very similar diameter.

The 2013 SDM has the smallest Top diameter.



The newer 2013 SDM and 21016 RDM have similar diameter.

The older 2008 SDM is quite a bit larger.

BOTTOM of the MAST's diameter:


The newer RDM has obviously a similar diameter all along the mast.

The other SDM masts do have a significant larger bottom compared to the top.



The RDM compared to the 2013 SDM has thicker wall.


How does it fit to those masts?

This pic shows the two SDM Left and Center and the RDM Right.

All mast connection transition are approx. one 20 cm below the center Blue mast.

This pic with a closer up view of the Sliver on the top half of the masts.

The mast connection transition is right above the stickers with the year info!

RDM with Spacer (need only if you want the cam higher up).

Here the Viper compared to the PowerEx SDM 2013:

The connection transition is right above the stickers with the year info:

The Sliver rests at similar places below center of the mast.

Considering the mast rigged with an sail, you end up having the Sliver above center of the Top mast.

Using the spacer will bring it further up.

Concluding: The Carvstar Sliver Cam Mount does fit both RDM and SDM masts. If you want to have the mount higher up you can use a spacer.

Hope this assessment helps you making a good decision.

360° Cam:

A word to the 360°cams: The Carvstar Sliver Cam Mount is absolutely perfect for the 360° Cams such as Go-Pro's. The mast becomes near invisible if you position it right in the center, .. but not totally. This is due to the stitching lines going right in the center - it is the same effect as the invisible Se