Slingshot i99 on Wizard 2018 Assessment & Conclusion

Hi guys, just got my i99 and mounted it on my Wizard 150L 2018 (Green Model with Deep Tuttle Box).

I combine the i99 with the 48 rear wing and the 78 fuse.

Let me say that I just started foiling with the i76 in B (arrow pointing forward) and it works out pretty well. However, still want some more, faster, higher, better, ahhhhh.....:-)

So went out yesterday and tried the i99 - gust Lake as always. See below wind statistic. I tried to concentrate the outcome on the 14mph times and ignored the gusts as well I could.

I was on the water between 3PM and 6PM.

And here comes my assessment - hope someone will benefit and can ev. answer some of my questions at the end.

>>>> Also consider that Slingshot insists the i99 works only on the new Wizard boards with the rails on it.

I mounted the mast first in C Forward as shown below:

That did not work right. I was not able to lift the Foil out the water. Seemed to sticky....

So I went back to shore and remounted the whole thing to: C backwards (means the arrow pointing to the back).

That actually did work out. The foil came out the water and I was able to foil flying quite a while.

Unfortunately as soon the wind picked up a bit, gusts and so on, .... the foil became very bitchy .. unstable!

I think that this position is giving the foil an uncontrollable touch.

Therefore, mounting it on B backwards will make things worse I assume, so I do not even try it!

To use B forward will make it stick even more than in C forward. So I did not try this either.

Based on above assessment.... C Forward and C Backwards do work.

Optimally, there would be C2 Forward midwaything with one hole drilled further back:

That is my conclusion. But before I go an drill that hole (and eventually f* up the fuselage), I wanted to ask:

  • 1st: if someone else has ever tried to drill an additional hole into that fuselage (seems pretty though) and how are the results (is it worth)? How did you drill it?

  • 2nd: does Position C Forward with the green 150 board work for you? If yes (and I hope some will say it does work).. This would mean its just my skills and it would save me some serious drilling.

  • 3rd: Any other solution to make the i99 work for the green Wizard?

Let me know if you know :-)


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