Cool - First time Action Cam Mount under Foil Board

Since a while I was wondering what the heck is a Foil really doing?

Now I know - I managed to engineer a multi-versatile mount that can be adjusted to fit onto a Foil Mast - its the BoomiX.

This mount is great for Windsurfer and sportive all over the place and fits to nearly everything.... with an appropriate adapter.

Have a look at this movie and enjoy the flight and read how I did after the movie:

By the way, the day or recording had a forecast of 10-15 MPH. That would have been great - but we actually go something between 6-10 MPH. So not only I just started to foil, I also did not have lots of wind to work with. Sail size was 6.5 ... I should have rigged my 8.5! But we always smarter afterwards, right :-)

To record this footage, I used following setup:

You will see that it looks sometimes like the mast is bending or the camera is wiggling. This is actually not the case.

As you can see in above picture, which is exactly what I used on the foil, the setup is very stiff - nothing is wiggling, not the mount not the mast.

It is actually a thing of recording with 360degree cameras. The software does this as it has to deal with a total surround - lots of pixels and lots to show.

The 1st time I used the BoomiX in this setup, I mounted the camera this way:

I left the top lens protector on and just filmed with the ONE other lens. The outcome you can see in below movie:

The result is interesting - if you have some patience - you will see how the wing catches weeds and doesn't let them go anymore.

The 2nd time I used the BoomiX in this setup, I mounted the camera this way:

This time I used both sides to record with the 360 cam, as it should be. The result is really an amazing view from underneath.

During the second time, I also did tilt the camera downwards:

I however, have no picture on it as I did have to tilt it back on the water, but see below to better understand:

Sooooo .... this was nearly unsurfable !!!

Reason: The downward angle of the camera does reflect or redirect the water upwards - which does make the board wanting to go DOWN instead of UP.

I got it up few times but it was a pain. I decided then to tilt the camera back up and that was much much better as the deflection of the pater pushes the board upwards.

Ok, hope this is interesting. Let me know your experiences.

Thanks and Hang loose


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