Carvstar "Sliver" Action Cam Mount Manual.

Updated: May 16, 2020

360° Cam Windsurfing Sail Mount Manual for SDM & RDM Masts

Equipment used for this manual:

Ezzy 5.3m2, PowerEx 400 RDM, Chinook Mast-foot.

Tip: Use it as your Downhaul Tool. How many times did you lose your cleat? I've gone already through a few. So in case you need it, you have a spare one now :-)

Tip: Secure your camera with the safety leash:

Sling the leash over the transition neck of the camera. Tight it down. Your camera is safe even if the adhesive plastic mount would let go during action!

Okay, 1st: GET READY for some serious Fun :-)

2nd: Push the mast into the sail pocket up to the Sailtop.

Do not push it up totally. Leave about 15 inches/45 cm loose.

3rd: Slide the Sliver (Aluminum LT) over the loose mast pocket and push it down onto the Mast.

Tip: Position the cam platform downwards. This will avoid seeing part of the cam mount in the recording.

5th: Go to the Sail bottom and push up your mast into the Sailtop.

Finish up rigging your sail. The Sliver will now sit loosely on the top of the sail and not interfere with rigging as long you made sure the mount sits over the mast before you start pushing the mast up from the bottom of the sail.

6th: Your Sail is now rigged properly and the Sliver sits loosely on the top part of the mast.

7th Now grab the Sliver and slide it towards the Mastfoot. Give it a firm seat by pushing it downwards.

TIP: Attention – depending on the type of sail and your sail/mast tension, the mount will move with the sail to the left and right when you change direction (changing to luff or leech side).

For the 360° type of cam that doesn’t really matter. It however will give some visible vibration during recording when it shifts from one to the other side.

In above case, the Sliver will stay put as the sail rigged tension is enough to have the sailcloth loose around the base.

Okay, so now mount your cam and record some good action. Send some of it my way and I will publish it on my Instagram space at #dirtboarding.


1st Push the Sliver up to the Mast Top before loosening the downhaul. Then loosen the downhaul and de-rig. As soon the downhaul is released you can start turning your mast out … when it’s out a bit, go to the top and get the Sliver out. And put it away so not to lose it.

Alright, that is all you need to know - get out and make some cool movies.

Again, send some movies my way - I be publishing them on #dirtboarding.

Have fun!

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