the boomix

The BoomiX is the one GoPro Mount that will Secure your camera like no other mount can!

Developed by Surfers and Windsurfers to ensure the Action Cam will stay on. The mount uses a bungee rope with an special latch system that ensures an perfectly secure mount that will not let you down.

Additionally, the mount is CNC precision cut out of one Block of Aluminum. There are no moving parts that may break or fall off. 

This mount is produced and sources locally in Minnesota USA. 


It also is your ONE solution to many Mounting options, see below:

BoomiX Basic

The basic version includes the patented Bungee Rope Fix.


All you need to mount it on a Boom, Mast, Bike, your Arm, Legs, etc... your imagination is the limit! 


Mount it on your boom or bike or many other places. 

BoomiX Magnet

This BoomiX comes with all Basic plus the Magnetic Adapter.


The Magnetic mount includes 4x Neodymium Magnets. 2x on the blue Car & 2x on the red Coin. 


The Coin lets you mount the Boomix on non-Magnetic surfaces. 

BoomiX Foil

The BoomiX Foil will allow you to mount your Action Cam under Your Foil Board and create amazing footage!


Comes with: Foil Adapter, Flat-/ Round Adapter, UV & Saltwater resistant Bungee and Stainless Steel Safety Leash 

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